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“A youthful nation like ours must leave an impact in the entire world.” — Narendra Modi

Young people form the backbone of any country. The responsibility for change, progress and innovations lie on their shoulders. They are starry-eyed, full of idealism and bubbling with energy to honestly fight for a cause by throwing convention out the window. They have so much power and beauty in them.

It becomes everyone’s responsibility to make the youngsters aware of their power and the role they have to play in nation-building! They need help in understanding how to make healthy choices in our current toxic environment.

Contact us and book a slot to build an individual connection with you to aim for optimal results out of healthy eating.

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Your Guide to Healthy Eating

Youth, the best time of your life, right!?
Youth life can be fast, furious and fun!
For proper growth and to be healthy, you need to be active and eat the right foods.

Choose healthy foods, drinks and snacks. And then you can be active in everyday life, with an adequate amount of sleep.

Make Healthy Choices

It is essential to make yourself a priority and take time to care for yourself. Healthy Rootin helps you choose the varieties and amounts of food and beverages you need to stay fit and healthy. So, make time to be physically active, so you can do the things you want to do.

  • Take care of yourself. Your health is of top priority, and it’s affected by what you consume.
  • Assist your family by preparing meals. You could plan up to cook for your family one night a week.
  • As often as you can, eat meals with your family. Lead by example — encourage your family and friends to make healthy food choices.
  • Eat three meals every day, and also two or three healthy snacks during the day if you are hungry. You also need to drink plenty of water.
  • Always make time to eat a healthy breakfast — so you have the energy to start the day.

Eat Different Types of Food

Eat a variety of foods from these four food groups daily:

  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Bread and cereals
  • Milk and milk products
  • Lean meats, chicken and seafood
  • Eggs
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Legumes (cooked dried beans, peas and lentils)

Issues That the Youth Face Today

The society we live in has begun to understand the serious concerns that are affecting the young people today. Some were known to many, but various others have started to surface in the eyes of the public. Here’s the list of issues faced by the youngsters today.

  • Drug/Alcohol
  • Growing Up Too Fast
  • Violence in Schools and colleges
  • Bullying
  • Stress & Time
  • Management
  • Political & Social Issues
  • Materialism
  • Obesity
  • Parents Pressure
  • Competition
  • Inferiority Complex
  • Lack of Confidence
  • And many more…

How Can Healthy Rootin Help the Youth to Overcome These Problems?

We believe in the phrase You Are What You Eat, which means that it is vital to eat good food to be healthy and fit. This being said, we try and build an individual connection with the youth and understand them in depth; about their likes, dislikes, and their priorities for food (for example, junk foods). And then we try to mimic junk food to healthy food keeping the same taste.

Speaking of which…

We have done thorough research on brownies and we prepare them for the ages 2 to 20 years. These brownies are made up of 100% whole wheat, brown sugar/jaggery and unsweetened cocoa powder. Our customers loved it and we got an amazing appreciation from them.

We do take classes on…

Healthy Baking for the youth. We have a different baking line for youths in terms of health. We also take classes on fancy cooking, different variations of pasta making with 100% whole wheat, Smoothies making, non-dairy ice creams which are like sorbs and pure ice cream.
We also conduct classes on daily workouts and diet plans with high customisation.
We have also helped a lot of young girls with PCOD problems and PMS issues. We guarantee very good results with good food, workouts and choice in picking healthy food.

Food That Can Cure Depressions, Stress and Obesity

· Walnuts: Rich in Mood-Boosting Omega-3 Fatty Acids
· Dark Leafy Greens: A Nutrient-Dense Inflammation Fighter
· Avocado: Its Oleic Acid Gives You Brainpower
· Berries: Full of Cell-Repairing Antioxidants
· Mushrooms: Helpful Tools to Lower Blood Sugar
· Onions: Layered With Cancer-Fighting Allium
· Tomatoes: Packed With Depression Fighters
· Beans: Satisfyingly High in Mood-Stabilizing Fiber
· Seeds: Small but Mighty Sources of Omega-3s
· Apples: Ripe With Antioxidants and Fiber

Foods to Avoid to Fight Depression

• Remove sugars from your diet
• Stop on junk foods
• Avoid Assorted drinks
• Smoking
• Alcohol
• Drugs

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It is extremely important that we provide all our customers with the best experience while protecting the health and safety of our recipients and employees. The traditional Malnad taste is felt in each morsel of our food you take.

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