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01.  Consultation Services

Healthy Rootin provides Consultation Services to promote good nutrition and increase access to nutritious, healthy and natural food. Our consultation involves a discussion to help clients benefit from our deep knowledge base and to replicate our successful wellness and lifestyle changes in your daily routines. Simple tips for healthy eating, living, and ageing are recommended for application. We give a chart for the first three days to understand how their body is responding to our treatment. A minimal consultation fee is charged.

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02. Baskets full of Health

Healthy Rootin offers varieties of Baskets full of Health; also nutrition and nature! Get healthy organically with these custom-made baskets, packed with the goodness of nature. Every product that goes into these baskets are superfoods which are nutrient-dense with the powerful combination of key ingredients that acts upon the body to restore balance, harmonize the functions of various organs, and increase vitality. Choose the one basket that’s perfect for you in your current life situation. We have 9 variants of these baskets!

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03.  DIY classes

Has there been a better time to learn new skills and cook healthy recipes? Healthy Rootin will custom-create online DIY classes on healthy cooking, baking, salads, weight loss programs with smoothies, detoxifying your body with natural herbs, spice and leaves with the ingredients present in your kitchen! And also, if you are worried about your water intake, we can make water interesting by infusing fruits, vegetables, leaves and spices. We also take classes on Smart, healthy and tasty cooking like Salads, Indian cooking and continental cooking. Cooking Classes are conducted for moms who struggle with kids and toddlers.

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04. Signature Dish Recipes

Healthy Rootin is specialized in creating customized signature dish recipes for restaurants using in-house products. To enhance your restaurant’s brand identity, we create organic iconic dishes as per your requests and will lend you the recipes that would set your restaurant apart. We would want your guests to experience your brand with our unique home-made recipes! We will guarantee you craveable and memorable organic recipes that you can’t get anywhere else. Get in touch with us for customized recipes with great quality and nature’s ingredients.

"Let Food Be Thy Medicine and
Medicine Be Thy Food”

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Healthy Tips

Including a low-fat, plant-based food in your daily diet can help you boost your immune system. There is evidence that food intake, nutrition and other lifestyle measures influence immune strength and susceptibility to infectious diseases.

Healthy Tips

It is extremely important that we provide all our customers with the best experience while protecting the health and safety of our recipients and employees. The traditional Malnad taste is felt in each morsel of our food you take.

Healthy Tips

Whole Foods Easy recipes

Every Healthy food doesn’t have to be dull and boring. Protein rich options in our food items are extremely beneficial, especially during these times. To cook healthier recipes as simple as possible is our forte’.

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