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We are a 100% natural food company committed to providing you treats with organic ingredients making your day a little more joyful, fun and healthier!

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Our Story

Healthy Rootin was born out of love and adoration towards nature and passion for pure, complete wholesome food. Immensely inspired and motivated by the tranquil nature, rivers and soil of Shimoga – we endeavour to inspire and encourage everyone to live a soulful and healthy life by consuming food that is untainted by manual intervention, just as nature intends.

Healthy rootin
shuma shekhar

Suma Sekhar

Suma Sekhar is a lady driven by a passion who wants to encapsulate the wealth of traditional wisdom which is available in our backyards and reproduce them in ready-to-use form for the urban, strapped-for-time individual.

Hailing from Shimoga, a town in the South Indian State of Karnataka, and growing up drinking the waters of the river Thunga, Suma was hugely motivated by her father and mother to whom healthy-organic eating was integral to their daily lives.

Her motto for Healthy Rootin is simple: Detoxify and Fortify with natural foods and not with medicines.

Suma Shekhar believes that it is possible to build a socially conscious society along with a successful business. This concept is the brainchild of Suma which she has developed over the years with experience in studying plants, diets and healthy living. Her dream is to build a legacy that lives on as she strives to change the future for our generation, starting with healthy food.

She enjoys sharing her knowledge about food, healthy diets and tips at the same time doing justice to your taste buds. People these days, due to their mechanical life, abandon their roots and healthy food routines and often follow harsh methods to lose/gain weight. Or sometimes even follow the healthy diets half-heartedly. That’s why we have introduced the concept of Healthy Baskets to overcome these hurdles. We at Healthy Rootin provide you with the taste, nutrition and immunity, thus making it easier to stay rooted and achieve your health goals.

Suma uses her passion for preparing food to contribute to healthy eating initiatives among people. She believes in going back to our roots and bringing back faded ancestral recipes. The first step in doing so is cooking and eating healthy with everyday kitchen food items like nuts, seeds and Indian spices. She believes in food as medicines. Therefore, the healthy baskets are handcrafted and carefully prepared for particular health conditions such that it promotes healing of different sorts along with providing nutrition.

Know your food, what is truly nourishing to your soul and body. And embrace it whole-heartedly. When you pair food knowledge with love and compassion, it’s where you begin to repair, heal and reclaim your relationship with food lovingly and graciously that supports your heart’s desires. It’s there where guilt fades away and you feel in control of what you place in your body.

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Healthy Tips

Including a low-fat, plant-based food in your daily diet can help you boost your immune system. There is evidence that food intake, nutrition and other lifestyle measures influence immune strength and susceptibility to infectious diseases.

Healthy Tips

It is extremely important that we provide all our customers with the best experience while protecting the health and safety of our recipients and employees. The traditional Malnad taste is felt in each morsel of our food you take.

Healthy Tips

Whole Foods Easy recipes

Every Healthy food doesn’t have to be dull and boring. Protein rich options in our food items are extremely beneficial, especially during these times. To cook healthier recipes as simple as possible is our forte’.

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